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Running Science Maze Engines


A group of FODMs members are now running the Science Maze Gallery engines during the school holiday periods. The gallery has four working engines which are driven by electric motors. Chris Watson is seen here tending to the needs of Eunice a large horizontal steam engine which once powered a laundry in Rochdale Lancashire.  The other engines are a smaller steam engine and two gas engines. 

One of the gas engines a Crossley Engine made in  Manchester was formerly at Gateshead Tech and was used by FODMs member John Chaney during his engineering studies. John even has his original college notebooks detailing the engine and the tests he did as a student. The notebook features a very carefully done hand drawing of the engine — no computer graphics in those days!  Even though the engines are now driven by electric motors the FODMs team still has a good deal of preparation work to do before each running session. The engines are running at a much lower speed than in their operational days so it is essential to ensure that the lubrication is effective. The pre running checks involve a thorough look at all the oil and grease reservoirs and delivery tubes. Once this is done the engines are given a clean to make sure they are spick and span.

Mill engines in particular were always kept in immaculate condition. In the picture above Chris is looking after Eunice in the same way that the mill engineer in Rochdale would have done many years ago. We now need a few more people to join the engines team so that we can run them more often.

If you would like to find out more about running the engines or join the team please contact: Graham Bradshaw on e-mail or leave a message on 0191 2772330

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