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Motor Cycles - Special Interest Group?

Feb 27 2017 News >> Latest News

Following the publication of my reminiscences last year on the motorcycling activities just around the corner from Discovery on Westgate Road, I am now wondering whether there would be sufficient support for the formation of a Special Interest Group on motor cycles and motorcycling – particularly old motor cycles.

There has been considerable interest in this subject nationally and internationally for some considerable time now – Classic Bike magazine, for example, was first published nearly forty years ago, and continues to go from strength to strength. There are now 4 or 5 UK monthly magazines devoted to the subject and a host of small firms engaged in the restoration and upkeep of old motor cycles located here in the north east.  The existence of many well established ‘one make’ clubs also indicates a high level of interest by enthusiasts engaged in the restoration of such machines. There are those who participate in motor cycle sport on venerable machines and those who simply like to display their machines at the many classic bike events to show-off their pride and joy.

I am happy to help get a ‘historic motorcycling’ group going under the auspices of the Friends of Discovery and will arrange a meeting of like-minded enthusiasts at the Museum in Blandford Street if there is a sufficiently-strong level of support shown for the idea.

Please contact me on if you feel this idea is worth pursuing and you would like to participate.  A short note on the sort of activities you think such a group could organise via the Museum would be helpful.  An indication of your main area of activity within the motorcycling fraternity would be helpful also, be it wallowing in nostalgia for bygone days, active participation in the sporting side or even getting your hands dirty in the shed!

I look forward to hearing from you and leave you with a picture of my P&J which I have spent the last 3 years resurrecting from boxes of bits.

Ian Burdon

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