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FODMs Appeal for Volunteers

Apr 11 2017 News >> Latest News

Who are we?

We are a small group of retired, young at heart, enthusiastic individuals who use our collective engineering knowledge and experience providing support to Newcastle’s Discovery Museum.

What we do

We repair and maintain the Museum’s electrical, electronic and mechanical exhibits, be they small, large, interactive, moving or static.
Exhibits that visitors can operate (interact with) will, through constant use over time suffer wear and tear and possibly damage. Replacement of parts is therefore necessary, being mostly sourced from the Museum’s stock of spares. 

However, a number of the exhibits were originally custom designed and built by specialist companies that unfortunately no longer exist.  Situations like this can involve us in a lot of research work to identify alternative suppliers of suitable replacement parts.

Included in the Museum’s Science Maze are several nineteenth and early twentieth century gas and steam engines that are powered by electric motors to demonstrate how they operate, (practical limitations prevent the provision of gas or steam plant).

In addition to our role of repairing / maintaining the Museum’s exhibits, we know that some visitors may not be familiar with or understand their workings or purpose and we are happy to provide explanations wherever we can.

In carrying out this work we take pleasure in the knowledge that we are contributing to Newcastle Discovery Museum’s continuance as a valuable community resource.

What we need

We are looking for additional volunteers to help us with our work, either on a one off or on-going basis. The work will consist of cleaning, lubrication and maintenance of the operating engines as well as repairs to other exhibits.
We are particularly interested in anyone who has microcomputer experience, especially PIC's and similar devices as these were used in some exhibits that we wish to return to operation.
If you are interested or want more information then contact Ed at


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