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Explaining The Science


The Science Maze Gallery at Discovery Museum is a great place for children of all ages to get hands on with science. The gallery is filled with a mixture of historic objects and interactive exhibits. These interactive exhibits enable the visitor to explore the science behind many of the historic objects.

FODMs members Chris, Ed & Graham have been active in this gallery since Easter this year when they started operating the large gas and steam engines. Having the engines turning over and having people on hand able to explain how they work has made an enormous difference to the visitor experience.

During the summer holidays the engines team realised that the visitors also need some assistance in using the interactive exhibits and in understanding the scientific principles involved. After a few trial explanations and bit of reading up at home the engines team are now also “science explainers”.

The Science Maze Gallery covers a wide range of electrical and physical sciences from simple switches to gravity and light. In each section historic objects are displayed which utilise these aspects of science. These include levers, switches, engines, radio, TV, radio and computing. Pictured are Ed & Chris demonstrating the "black mirror" interactive in the Science Maze gallery.

The challenge for the explainers is to make the link between the interactive science exhibit and the historic objects so that visitors can see how the science has been employed in everyday life. Sometimes this is quite simple e.g boiling kettles and steam engines. So far the engines team/science explainers have tackled exhibits such as the light tower and the air tubes.
The next stage is to tackle the more complex exhibits such as the “gravity well” which requires a bit more knowledge of physics. The Science Maze Gallery is quite a large area so it would be good to get a few more members in action as explainers/ demonstrators.

So if you fancy trying your hand at being a science explainer please contact Graham Bradshaw at or tel 01434681750.

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