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May 16 2017 News >> Latest News

Sturtevant FanFODMs members currently run engines and carry out repairs and maintenance of exhibits and equipment within the museum.
We have recently become involved with the museum’s ENERGISING EXHIBITS project. Many exhibits are currently static and the project aim is to have more of these running to create a more interesting and dynamic experience for visitors.

Thanks to a grant from the REECE FOUNDATION, a project to energise a B. F. Sturtevant steam driven fan located in the science maze has commenced.

The building which now houses the Discovery Museum was originally built as the CWS North East Headquarters and the fan was located in the basement of the building to provide ventilation via ductwork.

The project involves the design, supply and assembly of steel work and a drive system consisting of an electric motor and gearbox, pulley wheels and drive belts to rotate the fan at 10 revs per minute. The steelwork is supplied by Responsive Engineering, part of the Reece Group and manufactured using their specialist services including water jet, laser and plasma cutting processes.

It is anticipated that the project will be completed in June 2017.

Members of FODMs have researched the Sturtevant Company and have been in contact with the Sturtevant Historical Group in the USA. They have kindly supplied a history of the company and technical details of the fan and steam engine.

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