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Ferrybridge "C"As part of FODMs Science and Industry Library Project Chris Watson and David Murray have been electronically indexing the Parsons Heaton Works Journals and have now finished. The index will help the curatorial team at the museum to make better use of the journal in their research work.

The Heaton Works Journals were produced by the company from 1932 through to1970, usually bi-annually. They were conceived as a tribute to Sir Charles A. Parsons following his death in 1931 and catalogue many aspects of his work and development in engineering and science. They are remarkably detailed and include a wide variety of other technical papers and articles, details of the development of the Heaton Works, Company news, news of activities and personnel and miscellaneous articles of historical and general interest.

Friends of the Discovery Museum have catalogued the Journals to record all articles and their location within the journals to allow persons to search and locate items of interest more easily.

An interesting example of an article in the Journals is the one about the opening of Ferrybridge "C" and the world record for power generation. This is all the more relevant as Ferrybridge "C" closed in March of this year.

It can be found in Volume 11 - Journal Number 67 - Christmas 1968 - pages 302 and 303.

"A world record for power generation by large single-line machines has been achieved by the four Parsons 500 MW output of Ferrybridge "C" power station in Yorkshire.

Although all four machines had individually reached their full rated output on previous occasions. Friday 6th September, the day of the official opening of the power station, was chosen to highlight the potential of the power station, and for the first time in the history of power generation four single-line machines in one generating station supplied more than 2000 MW of electrical power.

A measure of the achievement of the Parsons Organisation is the fact that all four machines had been synchronised to the grid by December 1967, meeting the target date set by the Central Electricity Generating Board who placed the contract in 1961.

In meeting this target date the first machine was synchronised in February 1966, and was the largest single-line turbo-generator operating anywhere in the world.

The Ferrybridge "A" station, having an output of 45 MW, was opened in 1950 whilst the "B" station containing three Parsons 100 MW reheat sets, was commissioned ten years later in 1960.

It is a measure of the great technical advances achieved since that time that each of the new 500 MW sets has an output greater than the combined output of the "A" and "B" stations.

Each 500 MW set operates with steam conditions of 2300 lb/sq. in, 1050 degrees F reheating to 1050 degrees F. From the exhaust of the single-flow HP turbine the steam is reheated and fed to the double-flow 1P turbine. On leaving this turbine the steam flow completes final expansion through three double-flow LP turbines.

Directly coupled to the turbine line is a 500 MW two-pole generator designed for 50 cycles, 0.85 PF, 22 kV operation. Cooling is by hydrogen with the stator windings being direct water cooled.

Excitation is obtained from a three-phase 100 cycles generator feeding through a static silicon diode rectifier on to the main rotor sliprings.

The Company was represented at the opening ceremony by Dr, K, J, Wootton, Director and Manager of the Turbine and Generator Division; Mr. E. C Rippon, Director and Manager of the Overseas Manufacturing Division; Mr. K. W. Waugh, Assistant Chief Contract Engineer and Mr. R. W Macfarlane, Resident Engineer at Ferrybridge "C". The accompanying photograph shows the visitors and their wives."

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